More than 100 years improving

Rafael Baró Cold Meat factory

Since 1912, Rafael Baró has been manufacturing cold meats using ancient and traditional methods. Today, with over a century of tradition, Rafael Baró undergoes constant development and improvement and is committed to quality and service focused on customer loyalty, maintaining the traditional cold meat production method. We specialise in cured and cooked pork cold meats such as “chorizo”, “fuet”, “secallona”, “salchichon” and bacon.

Rafael Baró belongs to the “Grupacarn” family meat Group, which comprises several companies in the industry, covering all stages of the process, from pig rearing, feed manufacture, slaughter, cutting and final cold meat  manufacture. This means that only top-quality meat enters our premises, with our traditional products being carefully prepared to meet the market’s highest quality requirements.

We offer our customers complete traceability to all our meat products, fully guaranteeing their quality and food safety.

Our human capital sensitized with the traditional production of our cold meats and ongoing training, allow our company to adapt and react to evolving business and market demands.

Our flexibility, adaptation and cooperation with our customers allow us to provide our products to specialty shops, supermarkets and catering companies.

Rafael Baró sells its cold meats under the trademark “La Ampurdanesa”.




Baró’s family open a butcher shop in the town of “Cervià de Ter”, starting the manufacture of traditional cold meats.


Moving the butcher shop to a cold meat workshop in the centre of the village.


Construction of the building of the company outside the village.


A first expansion of the meat factory takes place.


The  Group “Grupacarn” (familiar meat group) is added to the company.


Second phase of expansion of the cold meat factory.


Commencement of a new phase of improvements and renovation of the cold meat factory facilities for the international market.