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More than 100 years improving

Since 1912, Rafael Baró has been manufacturing cold meats using ancient andtraditional methods. Today, with over a century of tradition, Rafael Baró undergoes constant development and improvement and is committed to quality and service focused on customer loyalty, maintaining the traditional cold meat production method. We specialise in cured and cooked pork cold meats such as “chorizo”, “fuet”, “secallona”, “salchichon” and bacon.

Rafael Baró belongs to the “Grupacarn” family meat Group, which comprises several companies in the industry, covering all stages of the process, from pig rearing, feed manufacture, slaughter, cutting and final cold meat manufacture. In this way, top quality meats arrive at our facilities, used for the elaboration of our handmade products, meeting the highest market demands.

We offer our customers complete traceability to all our meat products, fully guaranteeing their quality and food safety. Our human capital sensitized with the traditional production of our cold meats and ongoing training, allow our company to adapt and react to evolving business and market demands.

Our flexibility, adaptation and collaboration with our customers allow us to offer an international service to specialized stores, supermarkets, catering companies, distributors and the industrial sector of cured products.

The original brand of the Rafael Baró factory is “La Ampurdanesa”, symbol of representation of craftsmanship of the Catalan lands. This was the brand name under which the products began to be marketed to specialized and local companies. It is currently available in small village stores and for older customers who value the origin of our beginnings and tradition.

Later, in 2018 we developed the Baró brand, a brand with a more current image and a reference to be able to publicize and highlight our sausages with the name of the company. We are currently working to strengthen the brand, especially in European markets.

At Rafael Baró we work every day to offer the best products adapted to the situation, the market and the type of customer, with the aim of satisfying each and every end consumer. Over the years, we have learned to adapt the product, its taste, ingredients, nutritional values, format, packaging… to meet market trends and demands.

All these reasons have led us to look to the future with two key points in mind: the constant development and improvement of our products in order to obtain approval in all possible third countries, and the opportunity to expand our brand and products.


With over a century of tradition


Baró’s family open a butcher shop in the town of “Cervià de Ter”, starting the manufacture of traditional cold meats.



Moving the butcher shop to a cold meat workshop in the centre of the village.


Construction of the building of the company outside the village.


A first expansion of the meat factory takes place.


The Group “Grupacarn” (familiar meat group) is added to the company.


Second phase of expansion of the cold meat factory.


Commencement of a new phase of improvements and renovation of the cold meat factory facilities for the international market.


Completion of the new dryer installation at the Sant Jordi plant, a 4-minute drive from the factory. The aim of this new installation is to be able to expand the total drying capacity, one of the most important points in the production of cured sausages, a process in which we were limited by the space in the main plant of the factory.


With the success of the dryers at the Sant Jordi plant and the desire to continue expanding our production capacity, we decided to adapt a third plant in Sobrànigues, located 4 minutes by car from the main plant and 2 minutes from the Sant Jordi plant, to install dryers and cold rooms. With the completion of this plant, between the two new facilities, we were able to increase our production capacity by an additional 6,000 tonnes, which has made our daily work much easier.


Flexibility, adaptability and collaboration